Thursday, November 19, 2009

Positive signs for separated twins Trishna and Krishna Results of brain scans to be known today

Guardian says tests went extremely well

Praised the efforts of the surgical team

THE first brain scans of Trishna and Krishna since they were separated have fuelled hopes the Bangladeshi orphans have come through their marathon operation in good health.

The full results of the scans will be known today, but guardian Moira Kelly said the tests had gone extremely well.

An emotional Ms Kelly said she had high hopes for the still sedated twins, 24 hours after they were separated during miracle surgery at the Royal Children's Hospital, the Herald Sun reports.

All she needed was a "raspberry" kiss from her little Krishna to know everything would be fine.

"That is my MRI - she does that and it's like she is telling me 'Moira, I'm OK, and I'm looking after Trishna'," Ms Kelly said.

"They are looking really good. We should all be so proud to be Australian to see what we have accomplished.

"I just love them so much and I thank everyone for loving them too. It is a miracle. We have a miracle here at the hospital.

"Trishna and Krishna are breathing, they are alive and they are separate - what else could anyone ask for?"

Ms Kelly said it was hard to believe the girls were in separate beds.

Since the operation finished, she had spent hours beside their beds singing to the girls.

When first told of the separation shortly after 11am on Tuesday, Ms Kelly sat in a room and cried for 15 minutes in joy and relief.

That night she got her first three hours' sleep in four days, but said she remained anxious to see how the girls would be when they were brought out of sedation in the next day or two.

Ms Kelly praised the efforts of the entire surgical team and others who first saved the girls when the Children First Foundation brought them to Australia in November 2007.

She singled out the two neurosurgeons who operated during the 31 1/2-hour marathon to separate the girls.

"We have two mighty, wonderful women - two powerful women who we should all know about, and that is Wirginia (Maixner) and Alison (Wray). Such brave women.

"And we have two beautiful, brave little girls, Trishna and Krishna.

"What I am really taken with is that the world has embraced our little girls - that they have united for goodwill and what the world should be about, what headlines should be about is miracles and beautiful, wonderful surgeons like at our Children's Hospital, and little people who defy the odds.

"What better money could be spent in the world than to save the life of a child and create such goodness?"

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