Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UAE gets fresh Complain about Thaksin

The Naton: Vice Foreign Minister Panich Vikitsreth said the ministry did not ask the UAE government to give a specific deadline as to when Thaksin would be asked to leave the country, but urged it to take into consideration bilateral ties.
"We have provided the ambassador with all the evidence. I probably should give them more time to think about it but we are not setting any deadline," Panich said.
UAE Ambassador Muhammed Ali Ahmed al-Shamisi was summoned to the ministry to receive a letter, dated November 13 that the government had sent to Dubai in reference to Thaksin's return to the Middle East country.
The letter said Thaksin has been using Dubai, as well as other locations, as a staging ground to attack Thailand and requested that the country deny him permission to reside there.
Thaksin was ousted in a September 2006 coup and returned to Thailand briefly to face corruption charges. He fled the country in October last year just before the guilty verdict was reached and resettled in London briefly, until the British government denied him entry.
Afterwards he relocated to Dubai from where he oversees his business interests. Thaksin continues to engage his supporters from abroad, discrediting the current administration and the country's judicial system for having political motivation in convicting him of a crime.
His latest stint in Cambodia backfired politically as the Thai public poured their support behind the government after Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen took up Thaksin's cause and lashed out at the country's political and judicial system

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